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New Referral Tool That Will Have Loyal Clients Giving You Referrals

Learn in 3 easy steps how you can create a thriving Client Advisory Board (CAB) that can build your brand, generate referrals, and drive new leads to your practice.


What if your clients were working harder for you than your own employees? What if you could count on a stream of new ideas and referrals for minimal cost? What if all it took you was a little effort?

With a little time and dedication, you can use your most loyal clients to boost your success by creating a Client Advisory Board (CAB).


In the CAB guide you will discover how to:

  • Use a CAB as an extremely effective marketing tool and widen your marketing funnel.
  • Create a stream of new ideas and referrals for minimal cost.
  • Choose the right people for your CAB to see maximum results.
  • Assemble and maintain a CAB.
  • Assemble a client philanthropy board.

Your CAB will have your already loyal clients working for you!