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A Day in the Life of a $42mm Producer

Want to see how one of the top producers in the country has his phones ringing off the hook with highly qualified prospects ready to book an appointment?

Gain instant access to an exclusive video clip that provides you with behind the scene access to a day in the life of $42mm Producer Art McPherson. This is a video that you won’t want to miss!

See a Day in the Life of $42mm Producer Art McPherson


We believe that seeing is believing. That's why we're inviting you to see how Art used Radio, TV and a perfectly tuned marketing plan to grow his production from roughly $28mm in 2018 to $42mm in 2019….And he’s planning for even larger growth in 2020!

Gain instant access to this complimentary video clip if:

  • -You have previously used TV or Radio to grow your practice but were disappointed in the results and ROI…
  • -You are currently using TV and Radio but you aren’t sure if it is going as well as you think it can be…
  • -You are thinking about integrating TV and Radio into your marketing mix in 2020 (what a great idea!)

See what a day in the life of a top producer looks like at the Impact Partnership. If you’re ready to grow your practice, let’s talk.