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Virtual Advisor Best Practices

Become “The” Virtual Advisor and Stand Out While Others Stand Down

With the new guidelines of social distancing; workshops, seminars and face-to-face meetings will be a challenge. Don’t let this new environment limit your ability to help those in need. Become “The” Virtual Advisor

Get instant access to Impact’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alex House’s recorded webinar training in which she will discuss the opportunities within the current environment and how to capitalize on them. Where other advisors may be slow to move, those that adapt quickly will prosper.

Topics covered:

  • The need to pivot your live seminars and workshops to virtual events. Need to know the technology, software, login, communications, and best practices to help make it a success? We can help you today!
  • How to drive attendance to your virtual events, including Facebook ads, technology, confirmation software and more.
  • How to effectively leverage audio and video. Our advisors are seeing their audiences spike as individuals seek out information.