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How One Advisor Generated 53 Leads In One Weekend

Gain instant access and listen to the actual radio segment that generated 53 leads last weekend

Is your business booming during this crisis? If you were on radio it might be.

One of our advisor partners generated 53 leads last weekend.  In fact, many of our advisors who are on the radio are experiencing incredible opportunities in the current environment and dominating their markets

So what does engaging radio content that creates action from listeners sound like?

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Impact Knows Radio:

  • We produce 90 radio shows every week
  • Our advisor partners have a combined audience of over 12 million listeners
  • We are in 50 radio markets
  • Our cohosts consist of some of the best talent in the industry, radio hall of famers and former leading drive time on air personalities
  • AND we’ve developed technology so you can do radio from your home or office